What is iCharity?

iCharity is an online donation platform dedicated to bringing a positive change in society. It’s a platform to bring together those who want to give and those who are committed to working in the social sector.

iCharity enlists NGOs operating in India and provide them with a platform to showcase their work and reach out to donors. The aim of iCharity is to bring transparency and professional standards in the nonprofit sector. We focus on few NGOs who have excellent track record in implementing social projects and enlist them after rigorous screening of their projects, financials and governance. We at iCharity make every effort to give you the best possible options for your donations so that each rupee is well spent on improving the lives of disadvantaged sections of the society.

What is the need for a platform like iCharity?

Donation to charity is not new to India. It has been in existence since ages in the Indian society where people used to give offerings to their local religious entities which in turn utilize the donations for upliftment of poor and needy in the society. Over a period, the role of social transformation has been taken up by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) or voluntary organizations with a focus on specific issues. Since the last few decades, NGOs have come a long way to play a very significant role in addressing the developmental gaps in the Indian society.

With the changing socio—economic trends and widening of income gaps, there were was a questionable rise in the number of voluntary organizations without understanding the local context and often many of them ended up serving a single need diluting the overall availability of the funds. Coupled with a lack of accountability and strict regulatory control, many organizations started to misuse/ overuse funds while others languished without funds. Consequently, effectiveness of project implementation suffered and this has started to undermine the credibility of NGOs as a whole.

What does iCharity plans to acheive?

In the above context, iCharity aims to identify the voluntary organizations that are doing exemplary work in their chosen fields and provide them with a credible platform to raise funds for their causes. Primarily, the focus of iCharity is three fold,


Provide a simple and efficient donation mechanism where interested donors can make secure donations to the cause of their choice.


One of the primary objectives of iCharity is to bring credibility in the nonprofit sector. iCharity, at every step, maintains complete transparency in donations processing.  iCharity conducts in-depth analysis of the financials, governance model and projects of the NGOs enlisted so as to ensure that maximum amount of donation is utilized for the beneficiary.


More important than anything else, a positive giving culture is the key for an equitable society. iCharity aims to promote giving culture through a variety of charity related programs, volunteering, donations-in-kind, events, articles, charity news to have an holistic experience of charity.

What benefits does iCharity provide?

  • A wide choice of social projects and donation amount options.
  • Secure donation through payment gateway
  • Managed by committed professionals from consulting, technology and banking to deliver effective results and keep iCharity up-to-date with changing trends.
  • All organizations enlisted are certified under section 80G of Indian Income-tax act so that donors can get 50% tax benefits on all donations.
  • Time bound feedback.
  • An range of services to suit the expectations charity minded individuals such as Monthly /Payroll donations, Charity EventsMyPageArticles and researchVolunteer opportunities

Who is behind iCharity?

iCharity comprises of a group of professionals who had a successful careers in banking and consulting. Its founder Ms. Vaishali Nigam Sinha, has been in the banking and financial services industry worldwide for fifteen years. Over the course of her career she worked with companies like JP Morgan, Prudential Financial in New York and Daiwa Securities, Macquarie in India. Vaishali has two Bachelor’s degrees from Delhi University – in Political Science and Education, and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Columbia University, where she was awarded the prestigious International Fellowship by the American Association of University Women.

Vaishali’s strong commitment towards social sector issues and a desire to make a real difference in the lives of the under privileged is the inspiration behind iCharity. Through iCharity, she hopes to bring professionalism in fundraising for the social sector and promote a positive giving culture among Indians, wherever they might be in terms of geographic location or position in life…readmore

How does iCharity support its operating costs?

iCharity is registered as a non-profit entity registered under Section-25 of Indian Companies Act, 1956. iCharity retains a maximum 10% of donations to reinvest in resources, technology, administration and marketing initiatives for the benefit of both donors and NGOs.

How can I help?

LEARN about NGOs, their work, requirements find about the cause to support.

DONATE to your favorite cause. one time or monthly

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