Beyond disability


Ravi, a 21-year-old youth hails from a lower middle class family of Punjabi Bagh in Delhi.

His mental growth was impeded because he suffered from frequent bouts of fits and seizures till the age of 5. Being a slow learner he was groomed and educated at Society for Child Development’s PRABHAT – a special school for disabled children from the age of 3 to 16 years, free of cost.

After being educated at Prabhat, Ravi was transferred to the Skill Development Center at 16 years. Under the guidance of the project managers, Ravi was trained in flower cutting, making handmade paper and painting diyas for Diwali. Based on his potential and steady progress, SFCD decided to transfer him to the hand operated loom project which would provide better prospects to a disabled young man to earn a livelihood.

Today, Ravi is well trained young weaver who can operate the hand operated loom independently. The self-confidence and capability displayed by Ravi has elevated him to the post of an assistant project manager. He also trains other disabled trainees in weaving. His affinity to the trainees enables him to relate to them with greater ease and thus impart meaningful training. The income he earns gives self-confidence and independence and adds to the meager resources of his poor parents.