A tricycle for a physically handicapped person

by iCharity


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Association for Sustainable Community Development (ASSCOD’s) vision is to facilitate economic development in rural India living by providing access to good education and health care. ASSCOD targets groups among lower caste families who are living below the poverty line, these are mainly in the rural areas of Cheyyar and Vandavasi Blocks in Tamilnadu.


Tribal people known as irulas have been living in isolated places of interior villages of Kancheepuram and Thiruvannamalai Districts have no access to basic amenities such as safe drinking water, shelter, clothing and health care facilities. ASSCOD is making sincere efforts to address those issues and improve the quality of lives of tribal people.


ASSCOD is distributing tricycles to the physically handicapped persons. The tricycle is very much useful to them and helps as a means of transport. Your donation of Rs. 5200 will be used for purchasing a tricycle and handover it to a disabled person.



Cost Break Up of ONE UNIT:


S No Item Amount in Rs
1 Cost of the Tricycle 4900
2 Transporting the Cycle from the factory to the beneficiary 150
3 Travel, admin, and petty expenses 150
Total 5200


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