Education for one tribal child for one year

by Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS)


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Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences provides free residential education to the poor tribal students. The free residential education includes accommodation, classroom teaching, nutritious food for three times a day, uniform, Books and stationery, health check up and medical assistance to all the children at KISS.

For providing education the organization bears all the cost that include , salary of teachers, Books and stationery of the students.


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Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS)

About the organization

Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences is located at Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Its "World's largest fully free residential, educational institute for tribal children". We have been working for the poor tribal children by providing education, health and training. The Institute provides education to the poor tribal children from Class 1 to Post graduation level. Along with education, It provides residential accommodation, food, health care to the poor tribal children at free of cost. More than 35000 tribal children, out of which 15000 tribal girls are our students, who are empowered with education for better life. We have quite a few success stories of the children achieving great heights in different fields at national and international level. We believe that every child has a gifted quality and opportunity can help them to realize the power within themselves. Apart from regular classroom education, we have also undertaken various programs like Life skill Education Program. English Access program, Early Childhood Mother tongue education program and vocational education program etc to train and educate our students. We have been running the organization with requisite infrastructure, trained and professional staff. Our organization has also been recognized by various national and International agencies for the quality of work. Currently, United Nations has Granted us the ‘Special Consultative Status’. Our founder Dr. Achyutananda Samanta has also received many national and International Awards for his Philanthropic work.
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Digij Tudu Gender : Female. D/O Mr Bhajay Tudu, Village: Roladih (Khaparsai), PO: Rasunchopa Block: Patka, Dist; East Singbhum, Jharkhand Digij Tudu is a poor Santal tribal girl from East Singbhum district of Jharkhand. Her father is a poor farmer with very little land. His father supports six members of the family with his limited income. Digij has one sister and one brother. Digij is the youngest child in the family. Her paternal grandfather though about eighty years old he takes the cattle to graze the field. Poverty has compelled them to live a very difficult life. Sometimes it becomes difficult for their family to arrange a square of meal for the members in the family. It is also difficult for her parents to repair their dilapidated thatched house in the village. Looking at the various expenses of the large family ,her father do not agree to spend money on the education of the children. However, Digij had a very strong will to go to school and pursue study. She was very upset with the condition of the family. She always wanted to get education so that she can do something in future. She used to walk around three kilometres to reach a primary school nearest to her village. Sometimes it was not possible on her part to reach the school in time. During rainy season she was compelled to stay at home. Sometimes her father also used to question her interest for education. However , she continued her study and completed the first year. During the holidays she had gone to her uncle’s village and came to know about KISS from a pass out student of KISS. She became interested to come to KISS and study here. But her father was not willing to leave her daughter to a faraway place for education. At last her father had to surrender before the determination of Digij for pursuing her study. Digij came to KISS and got herself admitted in class two. Initially she was not comfortable but she adjusted herself and started enjoying her stay at KISS. Slowly, she concentrated in her study and she stood first in the whole class. In the next year also she stood first in the class and selected to appear for merit cum scholarship award. Because of her shy nature she was not willing to appear the test. She agreed to appear test after a lot of counseling by the class teacher. Out of the four students selected to appear the examination Digij was the only student selected to get the scholarship. Her determination has helped her to walk in the path that she has decided. Digij is a very simple and disciplined student. She keeps her engaged all the time with something or other. She keeps herself clean. Digij also loves to practice yoga. Her regret is that her village has no hospital and people suffer a lot to get medical facilities. She aims to be a doctor and serve the people of her village in future. Digij, though a small child has proved that determination and strong will power can achieve the desired goal in life. Sasmita Sisa D/O Hadi Sisa Class: 10th Section-B, TRIBE: BONDA DISTRICT: Malkangiri, Odisha The Bondas who have lived in near isolation among the higher hills are fiercely independent, stubborn and aggressive tribe. The Bondas known themselves as Remo (men) are a small tribe of the type now often called Austro-Asiatic country. The bondas have been enlisted as a Scheduled Tribes. Bondas are the oldest tribal people of Malkangiri District.They live on the mountains at the height of 3000 feet. They have kept themselves comparatively unaffected by the morden civilization of today’s era. . In fact the Bonda tribe is considered to be the most barbaric of all tribes of Odisha. The strange dress and appearance, the extra ordinary dialect they use speak of a different tribal culture altogether. The inaccessibility of their homes separates them from other tribes of the district Sasmita is a Bonda girl from Silaiguda village of Malkangiri district in Odisha. Her father is a farmer and mother is a house maker. She has three sisters and her parents. Sasmita found a new lease of life when a team of teachers from the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) visited her village for selection of children to study at KISS. Sasmita was one of the privileged ones who got an opportunity to study at KISS. She came to KISS in 2007 as a student of Standard one and today she is studying in class VII. When she came to KISS for the first time, she has been taken aback by seeing this infrastructure. Initially, she was also facing communication problem with the class teachers. But her friends helped them to learn and speak Oriya and English language. After three/four months, she was very much comfortable with the teaching process and started enjoying with her friends and liked the environment very much gradually. She says “had not he been inducted in KISS then she would have remained uneducated and collected woods from jungles”. She learned so many things here like respect for elders, self confidence, participation level inside the classroom, discipline etc. The qualitative feedback provided by the staff and Dr Samanta’s approach towards the children has given her enough confidence to take part in various activities. According to her, KISS has provided her the best platform to materialize her dreams. She has an inclination towards learning new words in English. Though a little introvert, she mixes well with her classmates, teachers and other staffs at KISS. She now aspires to be a teacher and would like to educate poor tribal children which will bring a holistic change in the life style of her own community by bringing them into the mainstream.
Kalinga institute of Social Sciences Dr Achyuta Samanta, Founder and Mentor, KISS
S.NO. Name Designation
1. Smt Saswati Bai President
2. Shri Gopal Champati Vice President

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