Help a disabled to gain livelihood through a skill based training program which enables him/her to meet the requirements of the industry

by Cheshire Homes India


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Under its livelihood program, Cheshire Homes aims to improve access to livelihood opportunities for people with disabilities through skill development, quality training and support so as to ensure people are able to obtain work or start a business of their choice.  The targeted beneficiaries are adults with disabilities from under privileged section of society.

Objectives of the program

  • To identify people with disabilities, train them as per their shortcomings and try to place them such that they lead a life of dignity.
  • To build skills for the people with disabilities to meet the requirements of the Industry and also to meet their livelihoods.
  • To provide an awareness on disability to the corporate so as to ensure equal opportunities are provided to the persons with disabilities.
  • To provide a platform so as to facilitate interface with job seeker and job provider by better matching the needs of both.
  • To ensure disabled people have access to career counseling, work placements  during their training and are provided with employment .


  • Identify of disabled youth in need of employment through career guidance camps,networking or reference and provide counseling and career guidance to make them select the right career.
  • Identify their shortcomings and refer to appropriate trainings on employability based  skills and soft skills to equip and help them to avail equal employment opportunitie
  • Trainings range from IT/ITES/Non IT/Employability trainings/English to soft  skills.
  • Provision of employment opportunities to the trained candidates through walk-ins/ job fairs/ direct interviews
  • Follow up on placed candidates will be done so as to ensure the effectiveness of the training and placements done.

Training Components

  • Computer (IT Training):  Duration 3 months. Training will include Basic of computers, MS Word, MS Excel, Typing, using the internet etc.
  • Sector specific training: Duration 3 months. Trainings on Hospitality /Retail Management will be provided to candidates based on the individual assessment, observation and interests.
  • Need based training: Duration 1 month. Training provided as per the needs of the individual. Training includes quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, and verbal reasoning.
  • Foundation Training /Soft skill trainings: Duration 1 week – 1 month. Provided to all candidates includes English training, soft skills, communication such as replying to email, formatting an email, drafting letters etc.

Costs (pro-rata per training)

Candidates Assessment and Counselling Rs.500
Computer Training (3 months) Rs.2800
Hospitality Trainings / Retailers training / Vocational training Rs.2800
Developing Communication material and training material (including documentaries and case stories) Rs.1200
Placements Rs.500

Your donation of Rs. 5000 will be used to provide employability traning for a needy disabled person as described above.


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Cheshire Homes India

About the organization

Cheshire Homes, a unique institution, has its genesis in the aftermath of the human tragedy caused by World War II. Group Captain Leonard Cheshire, a highly decorated air force pilot, was an observer at the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki in 1946 after which he decided to devote his life to set up Homes for the disabled and other victims of the war. The first Homes he set up outside UK were in India starting with Bombay in 1956 which was followed by a series of Homes across India. Today there are 23 Cheshire Homes in India. Each of these homes are independent, managed by its own management board , serving the cause of the disabled, the terminally ill and the elderly. They are linked to the Leonard Cheshire Disability (LCD), an international organization, through the Cheshire Homes India-National Council. Cheshire Homes have been expanding their activities to serve a larger number of people with disability through Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program, such as Access to Health, Livelihood Training and Employment, Inclusive Education and Advocacy to sensitise the Government and the public at large. Today, the Cheshire Services in India reach out to around 20,000 persons in a year with disabilities directly across India. The 5 major programs of Chesire Homes India are executed in the following locations: Residential Care: Bangalore, Burnpur, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Coorg, Dehradun, Delhi, Jamshedpur, Lucknow, Madurai, Mangalore, Mukampala, Mumbai, Prakasam, Ranchi, Serampore, Trivandrum, Tollygunge, Tuticorin, Vellore. Livelihood Training and Employment: Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Serampore, Mumbai, Lucknow, Dehradun Access to Health: Mumbai, Chandigarh, Andhra Pradesh, Trivandrum Inclusive Education: Coorg, Dehradun, Serampore, Mumbai, Prakasam Advocacy/Young Voices: Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Ranchi, Prakasam
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Faiza is a 10 year old girl has locomotor disability due to congenital condition of her spine known as ‘Spinal Dysraphism with Paraplagia’, which renders incapable of using her lower limbs. Her father Aziz is a school bus driver, while mother Nasima is a housewife. Faiza was identified in the year 2011 by the project and at that time she was not able to move or control her body movements and posture. She was at home all the while, since parents did not know what to do with her and could not afford any treatment at the time. Post the assessment, Faiza immediately started to receive physiotherapy at the outreach centre at Behrambaug. During the course of intervention, Faiza was simultaneously supported by the project for getting a Disability certificate, public transport travel concessions (Road and Rail) and several other clinical/medical examinations. Her physical condition started to improve remarkably; she was able to sit for longer durations with correct posture. Today she can stand with support, and uses wheelchair to move about. Despite family’s poor economic condition her parents were very supportive of her, and enrolled her into a school nearby. However, due to disability and poor health, she used to eb irregular in attendance. She was very shy and would not interact with others. Hence, the project further got her to be part of the Children’s club, which was a turning point. She has gradually become confident and very social. Her improved physical condition with therapy at the centre encouraged the project staff to get her enrolled her into another school that it had been working with on inclusive education. Today, Faiza goes to Mariam Public English High School, a mainstream school in Behrambaug area, and is in 4th class. She has settled well and receives the needed support from her teachers and other children. She is very regular and can comfortably sit through several hours in the classroom. Faiza was also supported for tuition fees for the initial period of six months.
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