One year education support for a physically disabled child

by Educatr Trust


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A group of social activities jointed together and established EDUCATR Trust in 1997 for the total benefit and sustainable development of the poorest of poor, deprived, depressed, orphan, special children. The Trust complies with all legal and financial and management policies and accomplishment all relevant records and acknowledgement from the government. At the inception stage works in 2 panchayats of Usilampatti district in Tamil Nadu and conducted vocational training programs to the marginalized sections of society. Over the years extended geographically to 150 villages and 72 panchayaths in the blocks of Usilampatti, Chellampatti, Sedapatti and Usilampatti municipality, Elumalai town panchayath in Tamil Nadu.

Your donation of Rs 1225 /- will be used to buy school uniform school, bag, pencils, notebooks, compass box, and lunch-snacks box to the physically challenged children for education. Age group of disabled children is 5 to 17 years. The children go to government schools / recognized management schools. The provision of these items to disabled children will help to

  • Improve the school enrollment rate in the target area
  • Reduce the dropout rates and child labour and
  • Achieve the 100% school enrollment rate


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Educatr Trust

About the organization

Education, Communication and Development Trust (EDUCATR) was established by a group of pro – active social service people in the year 1997. It was registered under Indian Trust act in the year 1997. We also got FCRA and 12 AA of the Income Tax Act 1961. Social-minded group of people was promoted with a small beginning, primarily for eradication of illiteracy from amongst the rural poor. Over the years extended geographically to 275 villages in the blocks of Usilampatti, Chellampatti and Sedapatti and Elumalai Town panchayat in Madurai District, Tamilnadu, India. We are working for poor women and children, unskilled drop out youth, dalits, person with disabilities, HIV affected persons, child labourers and other backward communities development and empowerment. Our Board of Trustees meets twice in a year, at that time; policy matter was discussed and decided. EDUCATR Trust is dedicated to the betterment of children and their families. Vision: EDUCATR envisages a gender just society in which women, children and marginalized have rights over their own lives. Mission: EDUCATR envisages a gender just society in which women, children, marginalized and indigenous have rights over their own lives and sensitizing, marginalized through education and creating socio economic development. Main Goals of our organization “To improve the peoples living condition especially the women, children, youths and disabled from the poor and vulnerable families by strengthening the community based people capacity on functional self-help structures towards a long term sustainable development of the communities”. Objectives: • To provide and facilitate for education of children from the disadvantaged communities. • To raise and improve the health status of the tribal and other communities and disabled persons in order to improve their quality of life providing curative and preventive health services. • To establish vocational training centers for the disabled persons to generate income and build the confidence and also facilitate for the treatment and rehabilitation programmes. • To work and develop and need based assistance for the economic rehabilitation of the physically handicapped and mentally retarded persons. • To establish, promote, run and maintain centers for creation of awareness relating to HIV diseases and also for identification and treatment of HIV diseases and also undertake rehabilitation programmed for such persons who are affected by HIV diseases also to establish centers for research activities for earlier and complete curing of the diseases. • To work for the empowerment of women and other weaker sections. • To take up programmers for the Mother and Childcare. • To improve the economic, social and cultural status of the rural communities and enhance their skills and self-management capacity. • To take up programme for the promotion of sustainable livelihood. • To promote entrepreneurship and vocational skills for rural school dropouts, youths. • To create conditions to bring about a just, participatory and sustainable society. • To promote management and control of natural resources. Activities and services are: i) Women Empowerment: We have been formed 500 women’s self help groups in Usilampatti, Chellampatti and Sedapatti block villages. Provided Training to SHG Animators and Representatives, Grading of the SHGs, Thrift and credit programmes, Micro credit to SHGs for income generation activity. The programme was supported with the Tamilnadu Corporation for development of women Ltd. ii) Child Development: • Running Nursery & Primary School recognized by Government of Tamilnadu. • Campaign against female infanticide & feticide. • Campaign against child labour, enrolled the dropout children in regular school. iii) Vocational skill training & Rural Entrepreneurship Development programme: We have conducted various REDP, Vocational skill training programme on Modern dress making and embroidery, Jute bag making and diversified products, Electrician course, Domestic appliances, unskilled dropout youth, Dalit and poor women in the target area. The programme was supported by Australian High Commission, NABARD, NYK, JSS and Tamilnadu polytechnic. iv) Environmental Awareness Programme: We have been conducted National Environmental Awareness campaign on solid waste management, Biodiversity conservation. The programme was sponsored by Ministry of Environment & Forest. We have organized popularization of Science Lecture programme on Environmental and Sanitation. The programme was sponsored by Tamilnadu state council for science and Technology and Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of science and technology. v) Health programme: • Prevention of Parents to child transmission of HIV/AIDS • Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Management Project • Reproductive Child Health Programme vi) Disabled Welfare programme: • Self Help Group formation for person with disabled • Vocational Skill training for disabled • Disabled empowerment programme through IGP activity vii) Legal Awareness Programme: • Family Counseling Centre • Legal Awareness Programme for rural women • Human rights Education for college students Current Funding Partners: Right Sharing of World Resources, USA UNWG, Austria Tamilnadu Women Development Corporation Ltd, Chennai Tamilnadu Social Welfare Board, Chennail Abilis Foundation, Finland Ministry of Corporate Affairs, New Delhi. Ministry of Food Processing Industries, New Delhi. NABARD, Chennai. Tamilnadu Corporation for Development of Women. Ltd., Chennai. Peace Trust, Dindigul Waterloo Foundation, UK Women of the ELCA,USA Brotherhood of Hope, France Organization budget: (2011 – 2012) Rs. 9,56,942/- Our Network Partners • Open Architecture Network, USA • Global India Fund, USA • Global Giving, USA • Charity Factors, UK • Water Integrity Network, Germany • Planet Action, Germany • Global Hand, Hong Kong • 1% Club, Netherland • India water partnership (IWP), New Delhi • Icharity, New Delh • Credibility Alliance, Mumbai • GuideStar India, Mumbai • Samhita, Mumbai • Tamilnadu Voluntary Health Association (TNVHA), Chennai
Please click here to view the financial statements of Educatr for the year 2010-11
Disability was never an impediment to these boys and girls but lack of support was. Timely support from iCharity enlisted NGO EDUCATR, to these children hailing from poor families in villages surrounding Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu have not only helped them to get back to the normal course of education but also given them confidence to succeed in life. iCharity is helping many children like them by providing a new school bag, lunch & snacks box and some stationary items while they join the school year through individual donations from the website. An amount Rs.1250 which provides them some essential items while they start school may be small but it is a great way to encourage them to move ahead despite poverty and disability.
educatr - story - pandiyammalPandiyammal is mentally challenged. Her progress is slow due to stunted brain development. Her parents and siblings are very supportive and ready to put every effort to give her normal education and life. EDUCATR helped Pandiyammal to get the medical certificate and the ID card from the Government to obtain disability privileges and concessions offered by government. She is now studying in 5th std. in Kallar High School learning to cope up along with other children.
Jegan Kumar - EducatrJegan Kumar was born with a hearing disability had to drop out of school and start to work in a tailoring shop as his parents are poor and illiterate and found it difficult to give him special education and equipment. Timely intervention of EDUCATR helped him get a Hearing Aid through a government scheme and also admission into Nadar Saraswathi Higher Secondary school, Usilampatti, Madurai district, Tamilnadu.
Saroja - EDucatrSaroja was a normal child till she was five years old. She had a polio attack and due to that one leg and hand became handicapped. EDUCATR has arranged to get her a caliber (artificial leg) with the help of National Institute of Mentally Handicapped at Madurai. The field staff from EDUCTR regularly visited her home to not only train Saroja to get back on her feet but also make her family feel at home. Now Saroja is able to walk without much stress and help
Educatr - DhanpaulDhanapaul is a physically challenged boy with both hands disabled at fingers (crooked fingers). His left hand fingers are fully disabled while his right hand fingers are 40% disabled. Initially, writing for him was very difficult and had to drop out. In this situation EDUCATR provided him with writing practice and training with support from Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan of Government of India. And after 1 year of training his writing skills have greatly improved. Now he is learning and writing just like any other student in the government High School, where he is studying.

Management Set-Up: EDUCATR has 3 tier administrative and decision – making folders. At village level women Self Help Groups (all women), Primary decision making body analyze the problems, prioritizing needs and send the felt needs with clear cut planning with implementation and monitoring process to the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board will give right direction to make the project success. Along with primary decision – making body’s resolution and its recommendations in a right perspective to the executive committee of EDUCATR which is final decision approval body.
S.No. Name of the Member(s) Occupation Designation
1. Mr. R.Velmurugan Social Worker Managing Trustee
2. Mrs. B. Amuthapriya Social Worker Financial Trustee
3. Mr. A. Xavier Business Trustee
4. Mrs. S. Latha Social worker Member Trustee
5. Mrs. P. Maheswari Private staff Member Trustee
Roles of Staff, Advisors, Volunteers and members: EDUCATR has promoted 525 women self help groups, 50 men’s group and 15 Disabled group as community organization in its constituency. All 380 groups selected likeminded volunteers to work for EDUCATR is project in their villages out of 14 full time staff 10 are from local community where work and all 12 part time are from local community working in their respective villages out of 14 full time 10 are women, all 12 part time are women. Apart from the volunteers from the villages nearby Pasumpon muthuramalingam college faculty of Rural Development Science students 5 are working.
Educatr Trust 2/5A, Mamarathupatti Road, Usilampatti Madurai (Dt), P:O -625532 Tamilnadu, India Phone: 04552 - 251406, 252522 Mobile: 98421 06706 Email: Website: