Organizing onsite and online solar clinics

by SUN Foundation


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Climate change is an issue that is already affecting every person on earth, and the effects will only compound with time unless drastic solutions are taken. In the face of this growing challenges of climate change and rising global temperatures, it’s wiser to move towards adopting renewable energy. Younger generation needs to recognize that they have the ability to make substantial changes.. If students as young as fifth grade can see the importance of fighting for the environment’s future then the world will be more sustainable for generations to come.

To mobilize youth in the movement to use clean energy and make life on our planet more sustainable, SUN Foundation conducts unique solar clinics program and sensitizes the younger generation on climate change and enumerates ways by which the youth can play a role in negating the ill-effects of global warming. Through these sessions, we want students to make a difference where they can, by campaigning in schools, housing societies and their parent’s workplaces – not just to adopt solar rooftops as a lifestyle choice but also to become advocates of green energy.

We plan to reach out to 10,000 students by March 2020 by conducting 20 solar clinics across India. The funds that we are raising will be utilized for traveling, printing handouts for students and other logistical expense.
Donating for the cause is very easy and convenient. A unit of donation costs Rs 1000.

Donors can choose to donate in multiple units of 1, 2, 3 or more.


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SUN Foundation

As you know climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing the world, specially the younger generation. The burning of fossil fuels and deforestation contributes to 75% of pollution every year and unfortunately some of the most polluted cities in the world are located in India. This is mainly a man-made problem and thus needs man-made solutions. It is critical to engage the youth in finding solutions as climate change is going to hurt them the most in the coming years. SUN Foundation is an outcome of my own concern with the growing pollution around me in NCR. I felt galvanized to do something to mitigate this and engaged with my school on possible solutions. We agreed that installing solar rooftop panels would be a good first step. This is how the journey to install solar panels began and through this journey I began to understand the key challenges of going solar, and the SUN Foundation website came into being. The website provides unique and convenient tools which sensitizes schools and encourages them to use clean energy; helps them calculate how much energy is required, calculates the solar panel requirements and approximate cost of installation. It also lists quality vendors who install solar rooftop panels. The two key tools on the SUN Foundation website are: 1. Solar Calculator: Calculates how much solar power will be required for daily energy expenditure and the related cost of installing solar rooftop panels. 2. Ecological Footprint Calculator: Calculates the scale at which we are adversely impacting the planet. To benefit from the tools on SUN Foundation, please do the following: 1. Install Solar rooftop panels efficiently and effectively (Click here to calculate load, cost and connect with a vendor); 2. Visit our website so you and the students can learn more and use these calculators; 3. Participate in a campaign to take a pledge to save the earth; 4. Help students get engaged by campaigning – in schools, housing societies and parents’ workplaces to create a larger and more responsible green community. SUN Foundation’s goal is to bring students together to engage in this fight against climate change, mobilizing them to advocate for the use of green and clean energy in their schools. I believe that installing solar rooftop panels in schools not only shifts the use to clean energy but also educates a whole generation of young green and clean energy advocates. By installing solar, a school not only decreases their carbon contribution but also saves energy costs. The funds saved can then be utilized for hiring teachers, giving scholarships etc. We also conduct solar clinics, both in person and online to engage and empower students for becoming champions for the use of green energy. Please write to me at "" /click here to organize a solar clinic. My goal is to help schools install solar rooftop panels thereby offsetting CO2 emissions. I would like to engage as many people as possible particularly from my generation to becoming Green Solar School champions.

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