Providing rice to tribal families to eradicate hunger



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Ensuring availability and distribution of food for tribal, along with the colossal task of protecting individual rights, are still only concepts in many parts of India Rice to Challenge is atleast trying to address former.

Tribal have their own unique culture and balance with natural resources. However, some global economic policies and greed have displaced them from their forest-land-water roots, depriving them of their culture-embedded architecture. The mindless policies have dangerous outcome now.Tribal people are now living in extreme poverty due to lack of education and livelihood opportunities. In the given context, the only option to defeat hunger is to empower local tribal bodies and community-based nutrition programs.

Our NGO, Association for Community Development (ASSCOD) has initiated a project for tribal welfare with the name “Rice to Challenge” to address the hunger related issues of tribal families. There are hundreds of tribal families who are finding it difficult to work to earn food. For them, dreaming big, education etc are not even distant dreams. Under this project, we identify underprivileged and deprived tribal families who are battling hunger everyday. We try to help them by donating 25 kgs of good quality rice to each identified family for 6 months. Simultaneously, we are trying to enroll women of these rural, tribal and poor families in Self Help Group (SHG) fold.  The idea of SHG enrollment is to make these women self-sufficient. Through sustained livelihood programs and skill development, we hope to empower them not only to feed their families but also dream big for their and their children’s future.

The cost of 25kgs rice is approximately Rs 1250 (@Rs 50 kg when purchase in bulk) per family. Rice to Challenge is not only a project of feeding hungry and poor tribal but also a gateway to thing big, empowerment and support other tribal.


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VISION Association for Sustainable Community Development's (ASSCOD) vision is of all people in rural India living in an economically developed society, having access to good education and being in good health. MISSION ASSCOD empowers rural women and their families through facilitating economic development, establishing educational opportunities and enabling health improvements. ASSCOD targets groups among lower caste families who are living below the poverty line; these are mainly in the rural areas of Cheyyar and Vandavasi Blocks in Tamilnadu, India.
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Mr. A. Haidar Ali S/o AbdulKadar is a differently abled person and he became a physically handicapped due to polio attack. His disability percentage is 65%. He is studied +2 and is living with his parents. He is working in self employment and earning Rs.3,000 per month. His father is a mat weaving and the family is in poor economic conditions. Mr. Kaidar Ali wanted to reach the bus station Vandavasi town (in away from 2 kms.) to attend a job. So, he needed a tricycle. As he came to know that our NGO is distributing tricycles to the physically handicapped persons, he approached our NGO and based on his poor economic situation, we donated the new tricycle to him on 3rd May 2012. The tricycle is very much useful to him and it helps him to reach his working place on time. He expressed his sincere thanks to ASSCOD for this timely help.
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