Provision of computer education to a prison inmate

by Sahaara Charitable Society


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As a part of project Azaad among women and children, Sahaara Charitable Society provides the following interventions for women prisoners and their children,

  • Pre-primary education for children of women prisoners
  • Computer training for women prisoners constitutes of a six month for 20 women at a time wherein the basics of computers and usage of Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point are taught.
  • Legal Aid for under trail women prisoners with voluntary assistance from lawyers helps out in contacting and interacting with various statutory authorities to ensure that the paperwork for release is completed and the prisoners are released.
  • Medical camps are organized focusing on dental, skin and eye problems.
  • Rehabilitation Facility for women ex-prisoners to provide a safe haven to the women ex-prisoners from different geographical, social and ethnic backgrounds to start their life afresh. Assistance is also provided to the women ex-prisoners enable them to acquire jobs and become independent.

Your donation of Rs 5000 /-  will be used for provision of computer education to a prison inmate . It is a six month course covering the basics of computers and office tools such as word, excel etc.


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Sahaara Charitable Society

About the organization

In November 1994, a group of concerned citizens gathered together and decided to bring about change among the most underprivileged people of Mumbai city where very few people want to go. The group also realized that each one of the underprivileged people also have a dream and that it would be a great privilege to work along with the underprivileged to help them articulate their dream and then equip them to see the fulfillment of their dream. With the above vision in mind, Sahaara Charitable Society was registered as a non-governmental organization in 1994 with a vision of “Gifting Dreams”. Sahaara gifts dreams to the child victimized in a perilous red light area, to her trafficked mother benumbed by sexual violence, to the languishing prisoner, to the child invisible behind high walls of the observation home, to the orphan on the street, to the stick- tapping visually challenged woman on the speeding train and to the slum child who is written off to be a child labourer.
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Ujwal hails from Golaghat, Assam, and was detained in the Central (Arthur Road) prison in Mumbai. When the social workers from Sahaara came in contact with Ujwal in April 2011, a few months before his release, they realized that while Ujwal feared that he would be stigmatized for his stint in prison, he was determined to seek a job and start life afresh. Sahaara helps rehabilitate newly released prisoners by providing physical and emotional support, giving vocational training and helping them find good jobs. Sahaara also runs a home called Mukti Niwas (Place of Freedom), where former prisoners get wholesome nutrition and quality accommodation, till they are emotionally and financially self-sufficient, and ready to take their place in society. Ujwal was welcomed into Mukti Niwas in June 2011. Ujwal would be receiving training in housekeeping, nursery training and basic life skills. He desires to become a chaueffeur and take care of his mother who resides in Assam. Ujwal would soon be starting a new life, and once he is financially able to do so, he has pledged to help other newly released prisoners like him to make a fresh start in life. Project Parivartan strives to serve the women trafficked into the sex trade and their children through diverse activities and inputs. Life for the trafficked women is extremely demeaning and depressing, but the rescue of the ones and the twos brightens up the gloom and the darkness. The story of Sunita is one such bright spark as we see her rescued from the vicious cycle of the sex trade and released into a life of freedom and dignity. Sunita is a twenty year old girl from a village near Kolkata, India. A pimp, under the pretext of offering Sunita a well-paying job, deceived and sold her into the Mumbai sex trade. Sahaara staff met Sunita in the Turbhe red light area in June 2010. She began to attend the cell meetings therein and received the love of God into her heart. With counselling and prayer, Sunita?s will to exit the red light area was strengthened. To our joy and delight, Sunita became a part of Sharan Sthan family on 30th July 2010. A few months back month a local hospital was recruiting trainees for a one year nurse aid program. Sunita applied and to her great delight, she was selected. She is now undergoing the one year course and is eagerly looking forward to a promising career on completion of the course. This training would open up opportunities to serve with organisations with a health focus, as well as be eligible to work with nursing bureaus who dispatch home-nurses. Her enthusiasm is as infectious as her smile and her journey rekindles hope in every heart.
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