Rain water recycling/ recharge unit


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The Rain water recycling Unit was constructed at Primary school building,  Yetham  village of  Mahaboob  Nagar Dist.,  Andhra Pradesh. This village  has 3  hand pumps  with less water, one open well but not  working and there is one tank for the use of domestic and animal use. There is no protected water over head tank in this village, but water will be pumped from one of the hand pumps.

This unit is meant to convert roof top rain water into to drinking water. Before the rainy season starts, the roof of the building where it is constructed will be cleaned and kept ready. The water from the roof top will pass through a pipe in to filter bed and from the filter bed, after getting filtered will flow into storage tank through another pipeline. The season’s first rain water will not be allowed to enter into filter bed or to the storage tank until the roof and pipes are get cleaned. Once it is cleaned with the first rain water then it will be allowed to enter into filter bed and to storage tank. The tank has the capacity of 750 liters storage.

Apart from the rainy season, it is also being used throughout the year by making the bore well water also filtered and stored in the tank. This way the unit is in great use even in summer and winter.

Your donation of Rs 10,000 /- will be used to install rainwater harvesting unit in the other primary schools in the mandal. The amount will be used for purchasing the piping, 750 litres of tank and  the installation charges.


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