Sponsor the cost of creating a DAISY DIGITAL TALKING BOOK to help blind Students read and learn

by Andhjan Kalyan Trust


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In India, less than <0.5% books are converted into accessible formats for persons with blindness. Andhjan Kalyan Trust has been running Talking Books Library at Dhoraji to cater to the
demands of persons with blindness or low vision in Gujarat state in Gujarati, Hindi and English languages. Once a book is produced as talking book, it takes only 30 rupees to create further copies of this book for distribution. Andhjan Kalyan Trust has engaged readers for recording, proof readers & audio editing persons for talking book production.

Blind student listening in daisy format

The cost of preparation of a book will be as follows;

Activity Amount (Rs.)
Recording charge for 10 hours 2000
Proof  Reading charge for 10 hours 1000
Audio Editing charge for 10 hours 2000
Electricity, Administration cost for 10 hours of recording 1000
50 CDs for distribution @ Rs.10 per CD 500
Total 6500


 Your donation of Rs. 6500 will be used to create 50 CDs of one book for the benefit of blind people across India.

Andhjan Kalyan Trust

About the organization

Established in December 1992, Andhjan Kalyan Trust is a non-profit and non-governmental organization working for the all round development and welfare of the disabled to provide rehabilitative services to the disabled to make them socially and financially self-reliant. It was a joint effort among visually challenged persons of Saurashtra region in Gujarat State of India, It functions Nationally and Internationally when and where any necessity arises for the cause of the disabled. Initially, Andhjan Kalyan Trust was set up for the welfare of the blind, but it felt a great need to undertake educational and rehabilitation programmes for the welfare of other categories of the disabled including Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, Mentally Retarded, Orthopedically Handicapped as well as Multi - Handicapped and Cerebral Palsy-Stricken people. The activities of the trust are as under : 1) Computer training center for the visually impaired 2) Computer training and examination center for the disabled employees 3) Talking book library for the visually impaired 4) Braille production center 5) Residential care center for the mentally challenged 6) Deaf blind education project 7) Late Aboti nathalal jamnadas memorial best scholar award 8) Free distribution of aids and appliances to the disabled people 9) Job placement 10) Awareness programs & advocacy 11) Sports and cultural activities
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Dharmistha lost her vision at age 14, while studying in the 9th standard. She thought that she could not continue studying and dropped out of school. She was completely disheartened, grew isolated, and was unwilling to participate in any activity. . After five years Dharmistha and her parents came to our institute where they saw blind students studying with special equipments. Dharmistha became inspired and joined. She learned to read and write Braille, used the library extensively, and participated in many extracurricular activities. We also gave her home management training to make her self-sufficient around the house. . Dharmistha's activities at the Andhjan Kalyan institute prepared her well for a normal life. She passed the 12th standard with first class marks and can now take of herself. She is married to a music teacher and enjoys full inclusion in society. Rahim joined our Residential Care Centre with Cerebral Palsy and Mental Retardation. His recognition and language skills were quite poor. He could not even communicate his basic needs. His gross motor skills were also quite limited. He resisted changes. . AKT used a hands-on teaching and training approach to provide Rahim with basic skills, and broke down all instruction into simple procedures. AKT found that Rahim responded very well to these methods and was able to understand and follow quite well. He learned very quickly and was also eager to advance. . Rahim has improved tremendously in just one year and has quickly picked up several concepts. His cognition skills have improved and his now able to read. He can now take a bath and use the toilet without help, and indicates his needs with his hands. He has grown into a boy who has his own views.
S.No. Members of the board Designation
1. Prof B. Y Mehta President
2. Mr. Y. F Kapadia Vice-president
3. Mr. Praful N Vyas Managing Trustee and Hon. Secretary
4. Mrs L R Jamariya Treasurer
5. Mr P K Sharma T

Ambawadi, Junagadh road, Dhoraji, Dist - rajkot Gujarat - 360410, India. Contact Person: Praful N vyas, Managing Trustee & Hon. Secretary Phone: (02824)223502 Mobile: 91-9428261878 Email: prafulnvyas@gmail.com Website: www.aktrust.org