Economic Times article : Vaishali Nigam Sinha’s journey from i-Banking to iCharity

After more than 16 years of selling, buying and raising money for both Indian and overseas companies in various investment banks in London, New York and India, Vaishali Nigam Sinha started her own boutique investment bank, Savant, in 2010. It was set up along with her investment banker husband Sumant Sinha, who later moved out to start windmill company ReNew Power Ventures.

Many boutique investment banks started by entrepreneurs have flourished against competition from both local and overseas banks but Savant had run its course. “We sort of dissolved Savant as other ventures ReNew and iCharity took off and was much more executable,” says Sinha. Last year, iCharity listed 23 NGOs with another two being added this year. What it does is use quasi-government watchdog Credibility Alliance to rate an NGO and its founders.