iCharity Discretionary Giving Fund

iCharity ‘Discretionary Giving Fund’ is a fund administered by iCharity to facilitate Individuals/ Corporates to maximize the impact of their CSR funds.

With regulatory changes mandating CSR, there is an increased Individual/Corporate engagement in India’s social development. This impetus brings hope to large section of population who are looking for support. On the other hand, this also brings umpteen number of challenges for corporates and NGOs in selection, allocation, implementation and assessment of the CSR funds.

iCharity with a wide network of high-performing NGOs and experience in undertaking social impact projects is helping Individuals/Corporates to achieve large-scale social interventions through the ‘Discretionary Giving Fund’. Here, an Individual/Corporate can engage iCharity to plan, monitor and report the utilization of CSR funds.

How does it work?

  • Select top 5 preferred sectors from available options (Education, Health, Skill development etc.).
  • iCharity’s expert team will build a portfolio of causes/projects that will maximize the impact within the chosen sectors.
  • Allocation of funds to the portfolio will be finalized in consultation with the Individual/corporate and the NGOs.
  • The fund implementation is carried out in project mode with defined deliverables & timelines.
  • The effectiveness of the overall program is assessed through a proprietary evaluation mechanism developed by iCharity.
  • Feedback provided by means of quarterly/half yearly/annual reports.

Why iCharity?

  • Diverse set of projects/causes across 8 sectors to choose from.
  • Dedicated team with a wide experience in Corporate Consulting, Finance and Technology.
  • Projects are implemented by select NGOs who have excellent track record in implementing social projects. The NGOs are selected after a rigorous screening of their projects, financials and governance.
  • iCharity provides an inclusive CSR through engagement of employees via Payroll giving, Volunteering, Donate-in-kind, Fundraising events etc.

If you would like to give to the ‘iCharity Discretionary Giving Fund’ or want to know more, please write to us at info@icharity.in or call us at +91-124 4896 696 with a brief about your funding goals. We will get back to you on how iCharity can work with you in effective implementation of your social impact initiatives.