Payroll / Monthly Giving

What is payroll donation?

Payroll donation is a unique program designed for corporate employees, who would like to contribute to a social cause. Through payroll donation, corporate employees can donate to preferred charities/NGOs directly from their monthly salary. Once a company is a part of iCharity’ s payroll donation program, its employees can give instructions for payroll deduction and the chosen donation amount will be deducted from the salary. These donations will be collected by iCharity and directed to the concerned NGO/Charity.

Why donate through payroll?

Payroll donation is one of the most effective mechanisms to make a large difference through small contribution. Considering an average donation of Rs 100 per month, the following figure shows the impact it can have.

 payroll giving - iCharity

 Apart from above, the advantages of regular giving are as follows.

  • If you donate small amounts regularly you do not realize the amount being donated but still it will make a large difference at the end.
  • Since most NGO projects are an ongoing activities and an assurance of regular donations will enable them to plan their projects effectively.
  • Like any other one time donations, the payroll/monthly donations are also eligible for 50% tax benefit under section 80G of Indian IT act. So effectively you can claim 50% of amount donated.


What are the advantages of payroll giving for an employer?

Payroll giving is a great way to demonstrate your company’s focus towards CSR. It is also an effective way to connect with employees by showing commitment to the causes they deeply care about.

  • Payroll giving through iCharity is hassle free. We take care of verification of NGOs, feedback reports and consolidation and distribution of donations.
  • Payroll giving will increase your company’s CSR activity with little effort and cost.
  • iCharity will send timely reports on the utilization of the donations which will allow you to monitor the CSR progress your company has achieved.
  • If the company is also equally involved by contributing, it will create a more connected workplace where employees and employers collaborate for benefit of society at large
  • Also involvement of employees will improve their morale on “making a difference”.


How do I join the payroll giving program?

Please check whether your employer is a part of our pay roll giving program here. If you find your employer, please fill up the form so that we can initiate your joining in the payroll giving program. If you don’t find your employer please write to us at so that we can approach your employer for the payroll program.

To know more about our payroll giving program please click here.