iCharity aims to engage children in various charitable activities through which they can connect with social issues and begin a life-long commitment to giving.

Why it is important to introduce charity at a young age?

  • Charitable activities help children to connect with different types of people and develop social skills.
  • A child who has experienced the virtues of charity at a young age will be thankful and continue to respond to society’s needs.
  • Participating in charitable activities will help children gain self-confidence.
  • Doing good  for others kindles happiness and provides children a natural sense of accomplishment.
  • Overall, being involved with community from young age will help children develop into well-rounded citizens.

How do we start inculcating values of charity in children?
iCharity proposes the following series of initiatives through a partnership to encourage giving in children:

1) Enlisting iCharity on the school website as charity partner: By promoting the cause of iCharity on school website:

  • Children can educate themselves on areas for community involvement.
  • School can inspire visitors, stakeholders and  parents to participate in giving.
  • School can reach-out to NGOs quickly for fundraising during times of disaster.

2) Making giving an integral part of school life via:
A) Fundraising in School Events: Children can raise funds for various social causes listed on iCharity by:

  • Fundraising in school events by organizing stalls, games etc. during school festive fairs, annual days and raise funds.
  • Organize ’Joy of Giving’ at school where children can donate clothes, other items  for the needy.
  • Running for a charity they support at sports days, city marathons and raise funds.

    B) Offering Community Service and Volunteering opportunities for children: iCharity can facilitate volunteering at a local   charity and help children build relationships with community via:

  • Teaching children (after school home work, doubt clarifications)
  • Reading to children and distributing books.
  • Celebrate special occasions and festivals with children from shelter homes.
  • Skill development (Public speaking, computers arts etc.)

3) Encouraging children create their own charity fundraising initiatives: By using MyPage at iCharity children can create MyPage and raise funds for their favorite cause on special occasions such as birthdays and promote various causes online among friends and relatives.

4) Involving parents and teachers to support causes through monthly donation program at iCharity and set an example: Parents and teachers can make small  contributions on monthly basis to support a social cause.The following illustration based on actual causes of iCharity shows how small donations every month can have a larger impact.

Moreover, iCharity provides complete feedback on utilization of funds donated to iCharity enlisted NGOs so that the donor can be satisfied and connect with the cause.