myPage help

Create myPage : After clicking the create mypage button, you can start creating myPage by filling up the details as follows

a.Title of your page: Enter a clear title for your myPage.(Try to use a simple title which incorporates the cause for which the funds raised.

b.Reason for raising the funds: Enter the occasion /reason for raising the fund.(Don’t worry if you don’t have an occasion, after all you don’t need a reason to raise funds for the less privileged but the desire to reach out.

c. Message that will appear on your page: Write a powerful personal message on the lines to motivate visitors to your page, to donate towards your chosen cause. Keep your message simple yet impactful. You may refer to the sample messages to create your own message

    Sample message format

 Hi friends,

 As you know my <occasion>is as usual falling on <date> which is <> weeks from now. This year I want to celebrate this special occasion by donating Rs < > to <Name of the Cause e.g. provide education, shelter, medical care etc. to the vulnerable street girl children>. I am planning to raise <Rs.   > . This money will be used by <Name of the NGO> to provide shelter and care to street children especially girls.

 I’m contributing towards the cause because I feel that I have a responsibility to care for others, to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

 The details of the cause are given below.

 I look forward for your contribution to help me achieve this target so that my <occasion> this year is truly special

d.Start collecting money from: Enter the date from you are planning to start collecting contributions.

e.End Collection money : Enter the date on which you want the contributions to stop.

f. Upload an image : You may upload your photograph or any image that you feel relevant

Search causes and add it to myPage :  Click   to add causes to myPage. The link will take you to list of causes. You can add as many numbers of causes you wish to.

Share with FriendsAfter adding the causes to your page, use the link  to add emails of your friends, colleagues etc. to share the page.Use the facebook and twitter links to share the page on social media

Receive Donations and Track Results You can track the result of myPage appeal for donations. Please click the My Account link on the top right corner to view your account.

 You can track the contributions made clicking mypage tab in your account

mypage tab - myaccount