India Philanthropy Report 2013

     Bain Philanthropy report -2013               A major focus of the India Philanthropy Report 2013 by Bain & Co  is to delve deeper into how charitable organisations assess the impact of their work, and how they can better communicate that impact to donors. We believe that this theme is relevant to all stakeholders within the philanthropic ecosystem and is critical to both optimising the outcomes of philanthropy and boosting confidence among donors. For giving to grow to its full potential in India, it will be of paramount importance to ensure that donors and recipients have a common language and common goals around results.


This report explores the crucial and complex questions around the impact of giving. How is the impact of each rupee invested in philanthropic activities measured? How should it be measured? Can a better understanding of impact deliver better outcomes? And finally, can better communication around impact increase giving in any meaningful way?

To gain deeper insights into these questions, Bain surveyed 180 high-net-worth individuals across four major cities as well as leaders at more than 40 nongovernment organisations (NGOs). The survey findings are reinforced by approximately 20 detailed interviews with HNWIs and leaders at NGOs and foundations.


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