World Giving Index 2013

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) releases World Giving Index every year to show how much people around the world have been able or willing to help their fellow man and woman, through the donation of money, volunteering of time, and offering of help to those they do not know.

The World Giving Index 2013 consists of 135 countries from across the globe. The 2013 Index is compiled
using data collected throughout 2012 and surveyed over 155,000 people.

Key findings of 2012 report

  • The United States has reclaimed first place in the World Giving Index (In 2012, Australia topped the rankings)
  • Global youth are driving the rise in volunteering
  • Levels of giving remain below those recorded five years ago
  • More Indians donate money to charity in a typical month than anywhere else in the world. In 2012 this number had been measured at 163 million, in 2013 it stands at 244 million.
  • Women are established as being more likely to give money than men

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